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Community Partners

Our community partnerships range from small donations that provide teacher resources to larger donations that buy laser printers for example.  Whatever the amount of the gift 100% of the proceeds impact an Agua Fria classroom with a learning enhancement. In return for your gracious support, our events are a great way to gain community exposure for your brand. Title sponsors receive signage and recognition on social media – even this website year-round!

Thanks to Our Sponsors

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How to Get Involved

Support grant fundraising

Our all-volunteer board of directors makes a regular effort to connect with businesses and professionals in the West Valley to secure sponsorship funds. Individuals with access to a community of businesses with philanthropy budgets and interest in supporting education would be excellent candidates to invite to sponsor Agua Fria events.

Do you have a business in mind that would love to get involved? Let us know and we’ll reach out!

Volunteer at Foundation Events

The Agua Fria Foundation is comprised entirely of volunteers. Support execution of fundraising events by donating your time, talent and treasures. A family-friendly event may need a face painter or a golf tournament may need several volunteers to check in golfers and manage a raffle or silent auction.

If any of these sound like something you’d enjoy doing, please CONTACT US to be added to our pool of available volunteers. Thank you so much for your support making foundation events the best they can be!

Raise Awareness

Maybe you’re a business in the area that would like to support the foundation in raising awareness but have little to offer in fundraising or sponsorship support. Your front window or lobby desk space could easily hold an Agua Fria Foundation proud supporter sign that with little cost to you, helps us make an impression on the community in letting them know we’re there for each and every student.

Your support is so valuable in spreading that message!

Seek Community Partners

You’re ready to support education and you’ve got the friends and family to back you! If you have a network of supporters eager to learn more about sponsorships and community partnership opportunities, please help us in getting in touch with the right people.

Call us at 516-978-8176 to speak to a foundation leader about getting involved!

If you’re interested in sponsoring us or volunteering with us, please send us a message

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